Fonda notched a victory over Mayfield 50-31 in a high energy Western Athletic Conference hoop battle.

The Braves used an impressive first eight minutes and started the game in style racing to a decent first quarter lead 11-4. They put together a magnificent defensive effort and took control of the quarter.

The Braves opened up a sizable halftime advantage of 25-12. Fonda played well in the second quarter turning a 7-point first quarter lead into a 13-point halftime edge.

The Braves used a tough hard-nosed effort in the third quarter and outscored Mayfield by 7 points.

Fonda were in control at every period ending horn by margins of 7, 13, 20, & 19.

Abigail Lombardoni led Fonda with 11 points. Alyssa Duval collected 9 points. Kyla Smith totaled 7 points. Carly Atty with 7 points. Marilyn Whitcavitch racked up 6 points.
The Braves connected on 6 hoops from long range.

Lindsey Hampton paced the Panthers with 8 points. Katie LaGrange secured 6 points. Kelsey Meca added 5 points. Jordan Miller totaled 4 points. Adriana Yuret accumulated 4 points.

  FGM -1220  
  FTM -74  
  FTA -149  
  FT% -50.0%44.4%  
  3PtM -06  
Adriana Yuret20004 
Taryn LaFontaine00000 
Hali Danforth00000 
Lindsey Hampton40028 
Jordan Miller20024 
Kelsey Meca00565 
Katarina Agerter10002 
Katie LaGrange20246 
Brianna Hubiak10002 
Lyndsay Lombardoni00000 
Kyla Smith31007 
Carly Atty22127 
Jillian Wilder10113 
Alyssa Duval31229 
Marilyn Whitcavitch30026 
Avery Cusack00000 
Cassey Knowlton00000 
Kaleigh Smith11003 
Abigail Lombardoni510011 
Krystal McSpirit20024 
Lauren Elson00000 

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