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Loudonville Christian were dominant versus Hawthorne Valley 62-32 in Section 2 basketball play. Skyler Househoulder and Genny Swanswon combined to score 47 points for the Eagles.

The Eagles had great energy right from the tip off and played excellent team basketball on their way to a decent first quarter lead 18-5. They put together an imposing defense and took control of the quarter.

Loudonville Christian raced ahead after two quarters 34-16.

The Eagles played sound basketball in the second frame turning a 13-point first quarter lead into a 18-point halftime edge.

Loudonville Christian used a tough hard-nosed effort in the third quarter and outscored Hawthorne Valley by 9 points.

The Eagles managed to be ahead at every period ending horn by margins of 13, 18, 27, & 30.

Skyler Househoulder paced Loudonville Christian with 28 points. Genny Swanswon contributed 19 points. Victoria Ralston totaled 9 points.
Loudonville Christian splashed 4 trifectas.

Jennifer Mentzer led the Wildcats with 17 points. Merril Lewis secured 13 points.

Hawthorne Valley51197032
Loudonville Christian18161810062
   Hawthorne ValleyLoudonville Christian  
  FGM -1326  
  FTM -56  
  FTA -86  
  FT% -62.5%100.0%  
  3PtM -14  
Hawthorne Valley      
Jennifer Mentzer810017 
Majel Udjate00242 
Merril Lewis503413 
Loudonville Christian      
Abbey Woods20004 
Skyler Househoulder1320028 
Victoria Ralston31229 
Genny Swanswon714419 
Juliana Paddock00000 
Gracie Green00000 
Katharine Warner10002 
Sherrice Branch00000 
Victoria Branch00000 
Larissa Paddock00000 

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