Gloversville won in a tight fit over Amsterdam 67-54 in a first-rate Section 2 hoop run-in. Dante Bouchard led the Dragons with 30 points. The Dragons rode the coattails of their steady second half play as they led at the end of the the third period and at the final buzzer.

The two squads struggled to grab a foothold as the teams went to the first half intermission with Gloversville nudging ahead.  Gloversville played as a complete unit in the second quarter turning a 4-point first quarter deficit into a 1-point halftime edge.

However, Gloversville took advantage of a strong third quarter and led 49-37 headed to the fourth quarter. The Dragons used a tough hard-nosed effort in the third quarter and outscored Amsterdam by 11 points.

Dante Bouchard paced the Dragons with 30 points. Joseph Rowback collected 15 points. Kaydn Ruggeri scored 8 points.
The Dragons drained 5 trifectas.
Dante Bouchard made 4 three-pointers.
Gloversville shot with skillful form at the free throw line as they produced 72.7%, 8 of 11.

Damian Colon led the Rams with 20 points. Caydren Graveley secured 18 points. Peyton Ausfield poured in 7 points.
The Rams connected on 9 trey balls.
Damian Colon nailed 4 three-pointers. Caydren Graveley with 3.

  FGM -1927  
  FTM -78  
  FTA -1111  
  FT% -63.6%72.7%  
  3PtM -95  
Damian Colon644620 
Richard Gannon00000 
Tristan Green00000 
Peyton Ausfield21237 
Justin Salliey00000 
Anthony Barone-Lopez00000 
Kevin Perez21005 
Jeffrey Brennan10002 
Anthony Arroyo00000 
Devin Villa-Valles00000 
Andrew Giaimo00000 
Caydren Graveley731218 
Jonah Clay10002 
Dante Bouchard1046730 
Andre Stanfield10002 
Luciano DeMaio00000 
Julian Deumaga30127 
Jeremy Lombardoni00000 
Kaydn Ruggeri40008 
Samuel Getman00000 
Jaret Warner00000 
Joseph Rowback701215 
Anderson Jones21005 

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