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Hoosick Falls beat Spa Catholic 49-16 on the hardwood of Section 2 basketball. L. Thayne paced the victors with 27 points. The Panthers poured it on in the second half and collected the victory.

Hoosick Falls used an impressive first eight minutes and played excellent team basketball on their way to a decent first quarter lead 12-5. They put together a lock down defense and took control of the quarter.

The Panthers raced ahead after two quarters 27-12. Hoosick Falls played solid as a rock in the second period turning a 7-point first quarter lead into a 15-point halftime lead.

Hoosick Falls used a tough hard-nosed effort in the third quarter and outscored Spa Catholic by 17 points.

The teams put on a defensive clinic in the fourth quarter as they combined for only 9 points.

Hoosick Falls were on top at every quarter buzzer by margins of 7, 15, 32, & 33.

L. Thayne led the Panthers with 27 points. L. Hickey poured in 11 points. O. Brownell totaled 6 points.

K. Cronin paced Spa Catholic with 8 points. A. Upson secured 3 points. F. McKenna added 2 points. E. Murray tallied 2 points.

Spa Catholic5704016
Hoosick Falls1215175049
   Spa CatholicHoosick Falls  
  FGM -519  
  FTM -39  
  FTA -715  
  FT% -42.9%60.0%  
  3PtM -32  
Spa Catholic      
A. Upson11003 
K. Cronin32008 
E. Murray10002 
R. O Connell00020 
R. Walsh00000 
G. O Reilly00000 
F. McKenna00222 
L. Maher00020 
A. McKenna00000 
M. O Reilly00111 
Hoosick Falls      
M. Walker00000 
F. Adamczenko00000 
L. Hickey314411 
M. Brown00020 
S. Estes10022 
S. Haynes00000 
M. Ellis00000 
O. Brownell30006 
G. Wysocki00000 
L. Abbott00000 
M. Walker10123 
A. Decker00000 
L. Thayne1114527 

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