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Queensbury nosed past Gloversville 66-52 in a high energy Section 2 hoop competition. One team got the better of the other but don't be surprised if both of these teams do some damage down the road. The Queensbury mamba mentality helped them finish off the win. Hope Sullivan led the Spartans with 31 points. The Spartans depended on their consistent second half play as they led at the end of the the third period and at the last tick of the clock.

Queensbury held a slim 4-point margin at the start of the fourth quarter. This battle of wills was headed towards an epic finish through the third period.
Queensbury ended the game in great form as they outscored the Lady Dragons by 10-points when it mattered most.

The Spartans had great energy right from the tip off and played excellent team basketball on their way to a hefty first quarter lead 16-8. Yet, The Lady Dragons rallied in the second quarter and outscored Queensbury by 9 points.

The two squads struggled to grab a foothold as the teams went to the first half intermission with Gloversville nudging ahead.
The Lady Dragons played well in the second quarter turning a 8-point first quarter deficit into a 1-point halftime bulge. 

The Spartans came through with inspired basketball out of the break, after they trailed at the half, and took the lead 45-41 going into the fourth period.

Hope Sullivan paced the Spartans with 31 points. Meghan NConnor contributed 11 points.
Queensbury knocked down 8 hoops from deep.
Hope Sullivan made 4 three-pointers.
The Spartans shot with superb accuracy from the free throw line as they made 70%, 14 of 20.

Harmony Philo led the Lady Dragons with 23 points. Kendra Lavery racked up 10 points. Madelyn Avery netted 9 points. Daley Jo Christman totaled 8 points.
Gloversville shot with skillful form at the charity stripe as they produced 73.1%, 19 of 26.

  FGM -1622  
  FTM -1914  
  FTA -2620  
  FT% -73.1%70.0%  
  3PtM -18  
Daley Jo Christman20468 
Alecea Jones10002 
Madde Jones00000 
Harmony Philo61101323 
Madelyn Avery40139 
Macey Salvione00000 
Taylor Mee00000 
Kiana Walters00000 
Kendra Lavery304410 
Katie Hastings00000 
Meghan O’Connor314611 
Hailey Ballard20004 
Olivia Nassivera00000 
Shea Murray10012 
Kaileigh Hunt00242 
Abby Doin22127 
Fiona Hunt10224 
Mackenzie Kinney00000 
Jasmin Pepe21005 
Hope Sullivan1145531 

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