The Lady Bills lost against the Lady Dragons by 5 points 45-40, in what turned out to be a mammoth showdown of Foothills Council hoop teams. The Lady Dragons built on their steady second half play as they led at the end of the third frame and at the final whistle.

The Lady Dragons held a small 2-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. This duel entertained the crowd through the third frame.

Sparked by a great team effort in the second half the Lady Dragons outscored the Lady Bills 30-16 in the final two quarters. That was reverse of the first half when the Lady Bills used excellent synergy to grab a 24-15 lead at the midway point. 

Johnstown seemed dialed in right from the jump and played excellent team basketball on their way to a significant first quarter lead 17-5. They put together a magnificent defensive effort and took control of the quarter.

The Lady Dragons came through with inspired basketball out of the break, after they trailed at the half, and took the lead 30-28 going into the final quarter.

Gloversville had a trio of players players in double figure scoring. Kendra Lavery paced the Lady Dragons with 17 points. Harmony Philo racked up 14 points. Daley Jo Christman collected 10 points.

A VanValkenburgh led Johnstown with 11 points. A Lee collected 8 points. K Sasaki dropped 8 points. S Pratt accumulated 5 points.

  FGM -1214  
  FTM -2010  
  FTA -3217  
  FT% -62.5%58.8%  
  3PtM -12  
Daley Jo Christman304810 
Alecea Jones00000 
Madde Jones00121 
Harmony Philo317814 
Madelyn Avery00363 
Macey Salvione00000 
Taylor Mee00000 
Kiana Walters00000 
Kendra Lavery605817 
Katie Hastings00000 
J Wilson10002 
S Pratt21005 
A Lee30238 
K Sasaki31128 
A Vanderwalken10123 
A Tesi10123 
M Baldwin00000 
M Mraz00000 
A VanValkenburgh305811 
S Blowers00000 
L Lamori00000 

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