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Gloversville won an instant classic versus Johnstown 79-76 in what turned out to be a terrific clash of Section 2 hoop sides. Dante Bouchard and Joseph Rowback combined to score 63 points for the Dragons. Both clubs lit up the scoreboard tonight.

The Dragons produced a last period rally as they bested the Sir Bills 18-14 as time wound down. That spurt ultimately sealed the win.

Johnstown held a small 1-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. This duel entertained the crowd through the third period.

Gloversville held a slight 1-point advantage at the start of the second quarter.
The Dragons played well in the second frame turning a 1-point first quarter lead into a 6-point halftime edge.

Johnstown put forth a team first approach that provided a spark out of the break, after they trailed at the half, and snatched the lead 62-61 going into the final quarter.

The Dragons had a trio of players players in double figure scoring. Dante Bouchard paced Gloversville with 37 points. Joseph Rowback netted 26 points. Anderson Jones tallied 10 points. 
Gloversville connected on 13 hoops from deep.
Dante Bouchard made 8 three-pointers.
The Dragons shot exquisite from the free throw line as they produced 76.9%, 10 of 13.

Johnstown had a trio of players players in double figure scoring. Matthew Boyle led the Sir Bills with 24 points. Ethan Wager registered 21 points. Keegan Feinour netted 16 points.
Johnstown buried 6 hoops from long range.
Ethan Wager nailed 3 three-pointers.

  FGM -3228  
  FTM -610  
  FTA -713  
  FT% -85.7%76.9%  
  3PtM -613  
Altreyvious Stover20226 
Dawson Sannges00000 
Anthony Frasier20004 
Angel Zapata00000 
Ethan Wager832321 
Sebastian Mills00000 
Noah Massey10002 
Chano Cross00000 
Matthew Boyle1120024 
Keegan Feinour702216 
Jacob Stewart00000 
Abraham Miller11003 
Victor Orsell00000 
Dante Bouchard1383337 
Andre Stanfield00000 
Luciano DeMaio00000 
Julian Deumaga11124 
Jeremy Lombardoni00000 
Kaydn Ruggeri10002 
Samuel Getman00000 
Jaret Warner00000 
Joseph Rowback926826 
Anderson Jones420010 

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