Excited to announce a NEW!! Section2Basketball.com feature that tracks shot attempts for teams & players. Users will have the ability to track their own team, their opponent or both teams. It's a valuable resource to show a team, visually, how they are performing on their shot selection. It's another way to bring accountability to your team and individual players.


Here's a how to set your team up.


Step 1: Go to Section2Basketball.com and register a site username.



 Step 2: Once you are logged into your account, visit the scoreboard tab on the top of the home page, find the date of the game you are looking to track, and click Shot track for that game.



Step 3: Edit existing player information, or add more players/names. (The + tab will add more players for each team) After you are all set. Click start.



 Step 4: Begin tracking your shots. All you have to do is pick any player then select made or miss shot. If you make a mistake you can delete any shot that you'd like.



Step 5: Viewing different teams & players shot charts. You'll see a red arrow pointing to a check box "show team combined hit/miss". By leaving that checked you'll get the full team display of shots. By un-checking that box you'll be able to see just a specific player's shot chart.


(Team Shot Chart)



(Player Shot Chart)



Step 6: Viewing the team/player stats and downloading the image. To view each team's made/miss and FG%, just click the white button labeled stats and this is what you'll see.



Step 7. Download image. You can click the save image button at anytime during your shot tracking process to download a team or player shot chart. (Save image is circled in red)



Users can start and stop the process of shot tracking at anytime! All selections are saved in the system and once you start tracking a game YOU are the ONLY user that can add/edit shot information. Users can also share the link for the public to view as well. They will be able to view the shot chart and stats but not be able to edit it.

Email any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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