2021-22 Rankings now online!
NOTE:  The rankings below ARE NOT MY OPINION. They are based on a computer formula that includes a capped margin of victory and strength of schedule weighing recent performance a bit higher. The team rankings will adjust on a daily basis based on the prior day's results. Taking all that information into account, they are meant to project the outcome of a game if the 2 teams played today.
The results are based solely on the information that we have on each team for the current season. To ensure the most accurate rankings please report daily scores to us. You can do that by contacting:
email: info@section2basketball
To get a projected margin of victory for an upcoming game 
subtract the lower ranked team's power ranking from the higher ranked teams power ranking. 
Click a link below for computer generated team rankings.  
-Boys power rankings
-Girls power rankings
-NEW!! Game Projections
-NEW!! Season Wins Projections