Maple Hill defeated Taconic Hills 52-25 in Patroon Conference play. Nate Mannion led the victors with 19 points.

Maple Hill used a monster second half as they looked superb in the win.

Maple Hill seemed focused right from the jump and darted in front to gain a nice first quarter lead 11-4. They put together a magnificent defensive effort and took control of the quarter.

The opening two quarters were ultra competitive as the teams went to the first half stoppage with Maple Hill gaining the upper hand. However, Maple Hill took advantage of a strong third quarter and led 36-18 headed to the fourth quarter.

Maple Hill used a tough hard-nosed effort in the third quarter and outscored Taconic Hills by 14 points.

The Wildcats were on top at every period ending horn by margins of 7, 4, 18, & 27.

Nate Mannion paced Maple Hill with 19 points. Blake Decker collected 10 points. Evan Kulpa dropped 8 points. Tyler Hanrahan popped in 8 points.
The Wildcats shot with superb accuracy from the free throw line as they produced 85%, 17 of 20. 

Kolby Klegg led Taconic Hills with 9 points. Devon Charron powered in 5 points. Brian Teator collected 3 points. Kyle Delamater scored 3 points.

Taconic Hills4957025
Maple Hill1161916052
   Taconic HillsMaple Hill  
  FGM -917  
  FTM -517  
  FTA -1420  
  FT% -35.7%85.0%  
  3PtM -21  
Taconic Hills      
Kolby Klegg30399 
Brian Teator11003 
Zach Colwell00000 
Trevor New10002 
Kyle Delamater11003 
Devon Charron20115 
Dylan Foutch00000 
Dusty Snyder00000 
Joel Preusser10002 
Warren Bradway00121 
Ryan Nowack00020 
Maple Hill      
Logan McGarvey10002 
Jack Utter00000 
Erik Burns00121 
Evan Kulpa30228 
Martin Haran00000 
Rian Jewett00000 
Alex Houghtaling00222 
Dominic Hirschoff00000 
Blake Decker313310 
Quinn Pratico10002 
Tyler Hanrahan30228 
Nate Mannion607919 

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